Frequently Ask Questions

How is Chestnut Hill Cove Organized/Managed?

The Chestnut Hill Cove Homeowners Association is a non-profit organization. The basic purpose of the Association is to govern Chestnut Hill Cove in accordance with the governing documents. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the members of the Association. The Board of Directors of the Association has the power and duty to administer the affairs of the Association in accordance with the governing documents. The Board is also responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of Chestnut Hill Cove.

Is membership in the association optional?

No. Any person who becomes an Owner at Chestnut Hill Cove is automatically a Member of the Association. Membership is mandatory. It ceases when the person ceases to own property in Chestnut Hill Cove. Every Member/Renter is subject to the requirements of the governing documents.

Does the association have an annual fee/assessment?

Yes. Every owner is required to pay a yearly assessment imposed by the Association. These funds are used for the Common Expenses of the Association. These expenses are incurred in the administration, management, maintenance, and operation of Chestnut Hill Cove. The current assessment is $750.00 per-lot, per-year. Assessments are due semi-annually, on January 1st and July 1st of each year.  Please make checks payable to Chestnut Hill Cove HOA and mail to PMB Box 134, 211 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.  Late fees and collection costs are applied to your account if a payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the assessment date.  Other fees are applicable if the assessment goes unpaid. The Management Company of the Association will make every reasonable effort to provide you with a statement at least 20 days in advance of the assessment due date. However, failure to receive a bill does not exempt you from paying your assessments. Failure to pay assessments may result in a lien on the delinquent property, with legal action to collect the past due amounts. Homeowners are not eligible for certain privileges when their account is past due. While the Association prefers not to take these actions, they are required under the terms of the Governing Documents.

Does the association have meetings?

There will be at least one meeting of the Association annually in November as specified in the By-Laws or as established by the Board of Directors. There is also a Board Meeting every other month, dates and times are listed in our Newsletter, and in our Events Section of this web-site. However, special meetings of the Association may be called by the Board of Directors of the Association or upon the presentation of a petition signed by at least 67% of the Owners. Notice of meetings shall be sent to the Owners.

Does the association have a set of Rules/Regulations and how does the association enforce the Rules/Regulations?

Yes. See the Assocation Documents throughout the website.

I believe a violation of the Rules/Reg’s is taking place, what should I do?

It is very likely that the violation has been reported to the Board of Directors already and a letter has been written to the owner in an effort to correct it. But, if you notice any violation, please don't hesitate to contact the Board of Directors in writing, and all communications should be directed to our Management Company. 

I am interested in repainting or making a modification/addition to my property, what are the procedures?

It is required that the approval of the Covenants Committee be obtained if the original color is to be changed. All modifications/improvements undertaken on your home/lot must be preapproved by the Association's Covenants Committee. All work/modifications undertaken that is not approved by the Covenants Committee will be the financial responsibility of the home owner to correct and to return to the standards as accepted by the Home Owners Association along with any legal costs. The HOA recommends approval on all exterior work.

I’m looking into purchasing a town home what do I need to be aware of?

The answers to your questions may be found in this web site, along with our bylaws. You may contact our Management Company for questions that you may have. At the time of settlement you must receive a Resale Package, it contains vital information about our community, along with a corrective action notice (CAN) which lists any violations that the home may have. Any home that has a violation must bring the home into compliance prior to the sale of the home.