Marina & Storage Yard

Marina Dockmaster - Melinda Dunker

Since 2017

Marina & Storage Yard

Chestnut Hill Cove has 30 deep water slips, with electric, and water. Ample parking with an automated gate, and a boat ramp are all part of our facilities. The Marina facilities may have a waiting list.  Contact the Marina Dockmaster if you would like to have your name placed on this list. The Marina Slip Fees are $550.00 year (other applicable charges), ramp only key is $35.00, these fees cover the facilites from March through February.  Storage Yard - Our lighted enclosed storage yard holds approximately 59 vehicles and/or boats.  The annual fee for the storage yard is $175.00 per year from March through February. The Storage Yard facilities may have a waiting list.  Contact the Marina Dockmaster and/or Procom if you would like to have your name placed on this list. 


All Marina/Storage area users (hereinafter referred to as users) signing the Boater/Registration Form, shall have a registration agreement for use of the facilities).  This shall be effective for a period of one year and will be subject to review prior to renewal.  A person with whom registration is executed must: (A) Be a resident owner of real estate in CHC or maintain the home as a legal residence during brief transient periods of absence.  Determination of maintaining the slip during extended periods of absence will be evaluated by the Marina Committee on a case-by-case basis.  (B) Be an individual of at least eighteen (18) years of age. (C )  Be a member in good standing of CHCHOA, with all dues paid for through the current year. (D) Be the sole owner of, or be the owner of an interest at least equal to the largest percentage interest, in the boat for which the facility is leased, and be named on the title for such boat as an owner. (E) The user must show proof of ownership for each year; be a current property owner and be current on all HOA dues and fees in order to continue to hold their slip.  Failure to meet all of these conditions will result in the users name being placed at the bottom of the waiting list, and the space being made available to the next name on the waiting list.


Please review all CHCHOA Marina/Storage Yard guidelines.  Failure to obey these rules and/or regulations will lose the privilege of the Marina/Storage Yard facilities.  CHCHOA does not assume the responsibility to insure all slip holders are knowledgeable of these rules/regulations.

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